Vesta Firefighting Trainer

Vesta Firefighting Trainer

Vesta Firefighting Trainer

Based on many years of experience

For extinguishing using water, CO2 or foam

- Calculated for level A or C fires
- Does not need water thanks to drought technology
- Is battery powered with propane or butane gas
- Can be prepared in 3 minutes
- Including industrial remote control
- Delivered in sturdy plastic case
- Weight 21.4 kg
- Unique extra gas outlet for optional equipment

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Vesta Firefighting Trainer

Vesta is small and compact, but creates a huge flame. The flame size can be adjusted. Weighs less than 22 kg, which makes it relatively easy to carry. Ideal when planning your workouts.

To make Vestaen ideal and compatible with all situations, active tops have been developed. Active means they run on their own gas supply. It has a special output and a separate button on the remote control to activate the tops.

Vesta always has extra aces in the sleeve: it's light, small. It has an industrial remote control and carrying handle. It comes in a plastic box and is made up of several modules for quick maintenance and repairs.

Additional Information
Weight (kilo)21.4000
Manufacturer sku049-012-001
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