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Sales and delivery terms apply to all deliveries from Optisafe ApS Webshop.
In order to be able to handle your order, you must at the same time accept our terms and conditions.

All prices are excl. VAT and in Danish kroner (DKK), where nothing else is mentioned. Prices are only valid within Denmark's borders excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Payments can be made via invoice for our regular customers or payment cards.
We receive the following cards: VISA, VISA Elektron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and JCB.
You can pay with MobilePay at this number: 96499.


Payment cards
In case of card transaction, transaction fee is imposed.

Payment amounts are only deducted when the item is shipped.


Orders are normally shipped the same or next weekday (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

All goods shipments are subject to a freight charge. The amount is stated before the order is placed.
For purchases over DKK 3,000, - excl. VAT is sent free of charge, unless otherwise stated.

Packages are sent by freight company. Timely delivery requires the shipping company to comply with delivery. If there are delays in these, this will correspondingly delay the delivery. Optisafe ApS cannot be held liable for delays at freight company.

Only postal codes are delivered within the borders of Denmark excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland. For delivery to other countries, please contact Optisafe ApS at +45 46141020


Warranty rights are granted according to the legislation in force at any time. Any complaints must be made in a timely manner, which in practice means immediately after you have discovered the error. Private has a 2 year warranty.
If you have a complaint, please contact [email protected].


14 days full right of withdrawal is granted, regardless of the reason, from the day the goods are received.

The buyer is obliged to return the goods in the same condition, packaging and quantity as received and must himself bear the costs associated with returning the goods.

Returns can be made by refusing reception, delivering the goods to us or returning them by mail or freight company. Please note that we do not receive packages sent by COD.

Adequate information must be enclosed with the package, for example a copy of the invoice or order confirmation. Registration number and account number for bank account to which reimbursement can be made, should also be provided.

Return Address:
Optisafe ApS
Gellerupvej 15-17
DK-6800 Varde

Purchase items (ie goods ordered home) are not returned


Special conditions for B2B
Note special provisions for traders:
There is no right of withdrawal for traders. There is 1 year warranty from the original invoice date. Replacement or repair does not entail renewal of the warranty period.

§ 1. The following general terms and conditions of sale and delivery shall apply to the extent that they have not been waived by written agreement between the parties.

§ 2. Drawings and descriptions
All information about weight, dimensions, capacity, data of technical and other kind and prices listed in catalogs, advertisements, image materials, price lists etc. are approximate. Such information is only binding to the extent that it is expressly stated in the seller's order confirmation or other written agreement.

§ 3. Prices
The company has the right to change its prices / price lists at any time. Unless otherwise agreed, sales will be made according to the price list that is valid on the order confirmation date. Price quotations are subject to strike, lock-out and other matters that the company does not own. Prices quoted are at the company's address and are exclusive of value added tax and shipping packaging, and are based on the price prevailing on the offer for materials, labor wages and transport costs. The prices are also based on the exchange rates applicable at the time of the offer, and can thus be adjusted in relation to changes in price and currency conditions.

§ 4. Delivery
Delivery is done at the company's address. The buyer assumes the risk of the delivery upon delivery. For purchases of 2800, - DKK excl. VAT delivered free of charge. Shipping takes place at the buyer's expense and risk. If the company has not received special instructions, the company is entitled to choose means of transport and transport route. The company is not responsible for transport damages. Dealers & Wholesalers always AB Esbjerg.

§ 5. Delivery time
The stated delivery time is approximate and subject to delay due to strikes, lock-out, war, mobilization, seizure, currency restrictions, transport barriers, restrictions on driving force, fire fighting, missing or defective deliveries from subcontractors or causes beyond control, and the delivery time will be In such cases, you must postpone the number of days corresponding to the duration of the obstacle. Delivery to the thus deferred delivery time is considered in all respects timely. If the delivery time is stated as a certain number of days or weeks, the period is counted from the time when the seller has received all the exact details of the order from the buyer. If the buyer fails to meet any due payment obligations, the delivery time is deferred with a period corresponding to the delay of the payment in question. However, if there are delays for reasons other than those mentioned above, this does not warrant the buyer to cancel the transaction in whole or in part, or to make other breach of breach against the seller, unless the delay is to be considered significant and the seller has not subsequently made delivery within 7 days after to have received a written claim on this from the buyer. Any compensation may in no case be required to cover the buyer's operating loss, profit loss, daily fines or other indirect loss.

§ 6. Payment
The company's normal payment terms are as follows: Payment: 30 days net. If the buyer fails to pay in due time, the seller is entitled to claim interest on the amount owed by 1.9% per share. month of the balance at any time from the time of delivery to payment. The buyer is not entitled to withhold any part of the purchase price as security for the fulfillment of any obligation under clause 9, nor does a delay with an insignificant part of the delivery entitle the buyer to omit to pay the full payment in accordance with the action taken. agreements. If goods, which according to agreement or contract are to be delivered at a certain time, are not picked up in time by the buyer, the company may, at its option, dispose of the goods at the buyer's expense, on the advice of the buyer, or dispose of the goods at the buyer's expense, so that the buyer must pay them costs associated with storage. In any event, regardless of the delay on receipt, the buyer is obliged to pay the stipulated payment on due date. Upon storage, the goods are at the buyer's risk.

§ 7. Retention of title
The Company retains ownership of the goods sold until full and final payment is made.

§ 8. Missing
A. Purchase of new components. For a period of 12 months from the date of delivery of the sale, the Seller shall be liable for defects in construction, manufacture or material provided that the Buyer can prove that the defect or defect is due to the intent or negligence of the Company or its people. If the company is liable for defects or deficiencies as stated above, the company is entitled, at its option, to either exchange or repair such components or parts which prove defective due to design, manufacturing or material defects. The buyer incurs costs for dismantling, shipping, reassembling and starting up, etc. The buyer is encouraged, as soon as the goods have been received, to conduct such investigation as proper business use requires. If it is sold by a defect, the buyer must report this to the seller in writing within 8 search days from the delivery. After the expiry of the 8-day deadline, the defect cannot be invoked. Any compensation may in no case be required to cover the buyer's operating loss, profit loss, daily fines or other indirect loss. The Seller's obligations under the above provisions do not cover the consequences of natural wear or unusual use or overload, defective care or service contrary to the Seller's instructions, changes made without the Seller's written consent, the Buyer's improper repairs, or other circumstances beyond the Seller's control. The company is not liable for defects or defects that are claimed later than 12 months after delivery. B. Repair / renovation of used components. If the company repairs a customer related used component, or if the customer purchases one of the company's repaired / renovated used component, the customer / buyer has the same opportunity to make the company responsible for defects in the sold, as described above under point A, however, so that the company Lack of liability is limited to a period of 6 months from delivery.

§ 9. Product liability
For such damages, which are immediately covered by Act No. 481 of 7 June 1989 on product liability, the provisions of the Act shall apply. For product liability not covered by the above-mentioned law, the following restrictions apply. The seller is only liable for personal injury if it is proved that the damage is due to fault or negligence committed by the seller or others for whom he is responsible. The seller is not responsible for damage to real estate or movable property that occurs while the material is in the buyer's possession. The seller is also not liable for damage to products manufactured by the buyer or on products in which these are included. Incidentally, the seller is responsible for damage to real estate and movable property under the same conditions as for personal injury. The seller is not responsible for operating losses, lost earnings or other indirect losses. To the extent that the seller is liable for product liability towards third parties, the buyer is obliged to indemnify the seller to the same extent as the seller's liability is limited by the three preceding paragraphs. These limitations on the seller's liability do not apply if he is guilty of gross negligence. If a third party makes a claim against one of the parties for liability under this paragraph, that party shall immediately inform the other party. The seller and the buyer are mutually obliged to sue at the court or arbitration tribunal which deals with claims against any of them on the basis of damage allegedly caused by the material.

§ 10. Product information, advisory responsibility
The company is generally only responsible for ensuring that the goods sold correspond to the specifications stated in connection with the sale, cf. the section on manufacturing defects - not whether the goods are suitable for the buyer's use. Liability herewith assumes the company only if the company has provided separate, written advice to the buyer in the form of project preparation, preparation of actual calculations or in the form of a separate, written opinion on the usefulness of the sold for a specially stated purpose for a buyer which is not supposed to possess the necessary expertise in the field to independently assess the suitability of the product. The company has no responsibility for statements if it is stated that the opinions are based on an estimate or an assessment. The company only assumes responsibility if the advice given is to be said to be irresponsible in relation to the knowledge that the company possessed at the time of the advice on the subject of the advice. The company's advice is provided on the basis of the company's suppliers' stated data, and the company only covers losses due to errors in this data material, to the extent that the company's suppliers compensate the company for this. If errors are found in the written advice provided by the company together with its delivery, the buyer must inform the company without undue delay, immediately after the buyer is or should have become aware of the presence of the error. In breach of this provision, the Company will only replace such losses that may have arisen as a direct consequence of the Company's incorrect advice at the time the Buyer should have informed the Company. In case of a timely complaint, the company provides the buyer with new, free of charge advice. The Company's liability for losses incurred as a result of incorrect advice is limited as follows: The Company limits its liability to the direct losses that may result from the company's incorrect advice and a maximum of DKK 300,000. The company is never liable for operating losses, profit losses, daily fines or other indirect losses. The company's liability for losses arising from consulting errors ceases within one year after the delivery to which the advice is linked is handed over to the buyer.

§ 11. The court in Esbjerg is the jurisdiction.

Reservations are made for price increases, currency changes, force majeure, delivery failure, tax changes, sold out items and printing errors.


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