Smoke Hose Set

Smoke Hose Set

Smoke Hose Set

- Smoke hose with a length of 10 meters and a diameter of 152 mm.
- Including an adapter for the FireWare Cumulus/Stratus.
- Including a plastic box measuring 60*40*32,5 cm.
- Equipped with wear strips.
- Equipped with cuffs for connection to pipes.
- Equipped with loops and straps for attachment.

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Smoke Hose Set

Extension for your smoke machine

The Smoke Hose Set consists of a box with an adapter for the FireWare Cumulus/Stratus and a smoke hose with a diameter of 152 mm. The significant size and the skeleton of metal rings means a vast amount of smoke can be transported through the hose.

A smoke hose is mainly used when the smoke machine needs to be positioned some way from the staging. Perhaps because water needs to be used during an exercise. A smoke hose is also ideal for simulating leaks, transporting smoke to an explosion-proof environment, or for connecting a smoke machine to piping.

The outside of the smoke hose is equipped with wear strips, which ensure the hose is very resistant to being dragged along the ground, as well as heavy applications. Cuffs have been applied to both ends of the hose. These cuffs make sure the hose can easily be secured to piping, for example. The three attachment loops and the integrated straps can be used to fix the hose.

Additional Information
Weight (kilo)10.0000
Manufacturer sku008-012-011
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