What is a product without the right service?

For us, service means that you as a customer can be safe with your supplier and the products you receive from this. We regard it as a duty with a service that adds value to your work in terms of increased flexibility, less costs due to the sharpened maintenance that comes with many of the products delivered by Optisafe.

Optisafe has well-trained service staff who are geared to take care of both exercise pads and cardiac arrestors if problems due to failure and wear occur. The average higher quality of the products means that the spare parts and accessories can be kept functional and effective for many years, so it is not always necessary to buy new ones. In many cases, there are relatively big savings to pick up if you choose to keep your products serviced by us.

However, we are also honest about things, so if service is not necessary or at all possible, we will of course say that.

However, it is not unclear that some of our training dolls last for over 20 years with a little user thought and proper service. You will come a long time with our service staff. Our experience shows that proper use and lifespan often hang inextricably together. We also advise when we can see a pattern with our customers. A technician can quickly see how a doll or cardiac starter has been treated based on visual impression along with data reading.


Regular maintenance and service extend your Optisafe product life

For us, a quick solution to our customers' problems means everything, and therefore our service technicians come across Denmark if there is no way of sending the products directly to our headquarters and service center in Esbjerg.
With equal weight for durability and maintenance, Optisafe's technicians ensure that Ambuproducts and cardiac arrestors maintain exceptional longevity.


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