As something new, you can rent your training equipment at Optisafe. We are convinced that it can be a great help to make your training scenes even more realistic and educational for the course participants.

And that's what we're passionate about!


Why rent your equipment at Optisafe

  • You get the best equipment for your exercise or situation
  • You pay for the equipment when it is used and not when it is standing still
  • You have a limited investment and capital
  • You can do bigger and more realistic exercises
  • You can test equipment before you possibly. will invest
  • You will be refunded the rent amount if you buy the product within 2 months after the rental has ended


Rental price the first day

Rental price per day following


HeartSave OneDKK 499,00DKK 50,00


Ambu BabyDKK 280,00DKK 34,00
Ambu JuniorDKK 319,00DKK 39,00
Ambu BasicDKK 245,00DKK 30,00


VestaDKK 1.575,00DKK 159,00
Vesta Add-on Electric MotorDKK 610,00DKK 59,00
Vesta Add-on Pipe FlangeDKK 410,00DKK 40,00
Vesta Add-on Garbage BinDKK 445,00DKK 44,00
BF HybridDKK 525,00DKK 52,00
CirrusDKK 430,00DKK 43,00
StratusDKK 798,00DKK 79,00
CumulusDKK 518,00DKK 49,00
Smoke Hose set PerforatedDKK 249,00DKK 25,00
Training SetDKK 499,00DKK 49,00
Phoenix SilkflameDKK 749,00DKK 75,00
Pandora's BoxDKK 695,00DKK 69,00
Silver Fire Manikin, incl. vestDKK 419,00DKK 50,00

Ruth Lee


Training Manikins
(contact for infomation)


When renting equipment from Optisafe, the lease must be signed with the terms and conditions.

Including general conditions:
Payment for first day and agreed day + subsequent whole days where the borrowed equipment is at the lending address. There is no payment for the day of return. The customer pays all shipping. The customer is fully responsible for the product during the rental period, vandalism, theft etc. Customers pay for all consumption, smoke liquid, electrodes, head bags and other. The paid rental price is refunded in case of purchase within 2 months. Only use our smoke fluid in the smoke machines.