Nebula Smoke Simulation Mask Maxi-set

Nebula Smoke Simulation Mask Maxi-set

Nebula Smoke Simulation Mask Maxi-set

- Simulate smoke without a smoke machine
- Electronic blind mask with 6 different smoke thicknesses and random setting.
- Equipped with panic button for immediate visibility.
- Masks are controlled by wireless remote control.
- Available in a MAXI and MINI set.

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Nebula Smoke Simulation Mask Maxi-set

Do you want to simulate smoke in places where practice smoke is not desirable? This is possible with the new FireWare Nebula Electronic Binding Mask! The participants wear a special ski mask equipped with an LCD screen. This screen can become more or less transparent at the touch of a button. This way 6 different smoke thicknesses can be simulated.

With the Nebula the participant has the smoke experience and the instructor has a clear view, providing room for optimal feedback. The Nebula also has a random mode, in which the mask gives an irregular smoke pattern with varying visibility.

With the included remote control, the instructor can control up to 4 groups of masks. Each group may consist of a practically unlimited number of masks. If someone panics, just press the panic button and you'll have full visibility.

The mask can be worn directly over the face or over a breathing mask. All electronics are neatly concealed in the housing of the mask: no loose wires or loose boxes, which makes it very safe experience! You can charge the mask via a mini USB connection.


The MAXI set consists of:

- 1 instructor unit (remote control )
- 4 Nebula electronic blind masks
- 1 charging hub with 5 charging cables
- Instructions for use

All neatly packed in a box with foam interior


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