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Magnetic Danger Symbol Set

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29 danger symbols.
Contains symbols from class 1 through 9 and class other.
Weatherproof print.
Including a plastic box measuring 40*30*8 cm.

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Re-usable magnetich labels for dangerous substances

Safety is an important point of interest during the training of emergency officers. It is important to correctly anticipate possible dangers and to recognize these. By using different risk indicators the same staging can call for a decision to use a completely different method of operation.

Using a magnetic danger symbol, you turn an exercise with for example empty cylinders or a tanker into real challenges. The magnet boards are flexible and can therefore be used on almost any metal surface. The Magnetic Danger Symbols Set contains all symbols from class 1 through 9 and class other. The 29 magnet boards are contained in a Plastic Box, so you always have all symbols together and they are easy to transport.

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