Customer Service

We are your specialist supplier of first aid training and simulation equipment

We never compromise on quality and service when we process your order. With several decades of experience and business development behind us, we have realized that Denmark remains a leading country in health science and life-saving through repetitive training and learning of well-known routines and exercises. All things that are possible with the help of Optisafe.


With the most modern Ambu products and Ambu mannequins for first aid training and cardiac arrestors, meeting the sharpest demands of a large market, we give you a unique opportunity to get the best from the country with your needs. In addition, Optisafe is the supplier of Ruth Lee training dolls. These can be used for all kinds of rescue scenarios and exercises.

With the introduction of Dutch FireWare products, Optisafe now seeks to reach all the way when it comes to training in fire and rescue. Unique setups and groundbreaking new ideas characterize FireWare's access to the market. We share this view in Optisafe.

We supply everything from small extinguishers and smokers to large-scale training projects that require close cooperation between us, FireWare and you as a customer.

3B Scientific and Operative Experience provide an insight into a whole new world of simulation and training. The future is about learning through practical hands-on exercises. It needs to fully cover our two suppliers. From simple to highly advanced degree.

Realism reaches new heights with training in gynecological and obstetric interventions. But disaster medications performed under fire fighting are just some of the countless solutions found today in advanced training.

Of course, we still have a good grip on our original business area of first aid equipment for consumers, which has made us able to supply a little extra with a modern first aid kit with a contemporary look and function design. Our products are always properly labeled and comply with health legislation.

Use us as a sparring partner when education is to be refined and further developed. We know that ultimately, it’s about human lives.