Neck collar or brace for break. Immobilization is such an important part of an emergency preparedness today that the products in the area must be modern and still be able to cover as many types of accidents as possible.

With products from AMBU and Necloc we are well-placed in the field of neck collars.

When it comes to splints and other types of braces, we are constantly looking for the best profitable for our customers. They look for an economically sound product while at the same time feeling safe when using the equipment.

There are accidents every day where there is a need to fix and immobilize joints and parts of the body.

Road accidents are good examples of high speed accidents involved. These often cause damage by high energy, where otherwise strong parts of the body like the back and neck can be severely damaged.

Therefore, in order not to make the damage worse, immobilization is often required.

The injured person can thus be tied to a spine board to fix a damaged spine. The injured person may wear a neck collar to protect the vertebrae for further damage and movements.

Rather once too many...

Immobilization is a precaution as well as treatment. It is often difficult to judge which injuries are exactly the case. A fixation of damage and problems is therefore preferable to doing anything worse for the injured person.

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