Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene

Say hello to our category filled with hand hygiene products. Optisafe has taken a big program from Danish Plum. With creams and soaps for the industry and for private individuals, we as consumers are guaranteed the highest quality stamp with Plum's many different products. Many are Swan-labeled and with everything within required documentation, so that the consumer can quickly and easily find out information about perfume content or allergenic substances. For Plum is equal to reliability. Whether it's the heavy industrial hand cleaner Super Plum or the more gentle hand soap Premium. They are all created for a purpose. To ensure the very best hygiene where they are installed. It can be in the toilet or in the changing room. Yes even in the kitchen.

Over the years, Plum has just developed further on their solid hygiene concept, which basically deals with quality and reliability. At Optisafe.dk you get few clicks from a stylish and simple soap and cream dispenser that can handle one refill after another without downtime and breakdown. We have it in our range because it is the best that exists in the market for hand hygiene.

Your everyday life consists of a lot of actions that require work with your hands. They will no doubt be dirty and worn. The solution is Plum's hygiene products. You need to be sure that no matter how many times you wash your hands through the day, your hands are in safe hands because they are carefully taken care of by products that cleans and  disinfects.

Optisafe.uk provides a clear overview of a range of products that can help companies, institutions as well as individuals. Think about how hygiene is important especially at meals where we often use our hands to eat with. We help you with your dirty hands in everyday life. Hand hygiene is just important.

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