Wound dressing

Wound dressing

Wound dressing

It is a bad thing to run out of wound dressing and patches. We have all tried to stand in the middle of a wound treatment and the only thing we have at hand is something temporary like paper or a cloth. But we just must go further to remedy the problem of a bleeding finger so we can move on with work and everyday life.

Compress dressings for small wounds, medium wounds and bleedings.

Elastic bandages for sprains and joints

Plaster for wounds and abrasions. Of course, also for children.

Special solutions are also possible for rescue personal and other professionals.

An ordinary consumer product like dressing is something you just take for granted. They must be accessible when there is a need for it wherever you are and when the accident occurs.

In Optisafe we share that viewpoint and therefore we make the right connectors available in our web shop.

We are there when first aid kits need more plaster. Or when the medical bag in the sports club lacks elastic bandages.

In addition to our own brands, we also collaborate with well-known international suppliers such as Söhngen and Mediplast.

We care for our materials, reflecting a high product quality in accordance with current values and standards.

We never cut corners knowing that ultimately our customers are going to stumble if we and our products do not live up to what we promise.

here is, as a rule, nothing unique and special about plaster and compress dressings. However, the products do not necessarily need to look like each other and go for the lowest common denominator. In Optisafe, we say that the products should look good for the customer. Both on appearance and on quality. Therefore, we don’t stop the trade at the first aid kit or first aid bag. We go all the way from the simple product that will radiate as much quality as all the wrapping.