First Aid Products

First Aid Products

First Aid Products

For more than 20 years, Optisafe has engaged in trade and imports in quality first aid products. When it comes to emergency wound care and wound care, we are masters in our product range. That is, our advice is based on knowledge about the use and production history of our first aid kit.

A purchase of our products starts with knowledge. If you do not already have that knowledge because you are a professional, then we can help you on your way with the necessary advice in the field.

We supply everything within plastics, simple medical instruments such as scissors, tweezers, thermometers. But also, dressings, compression joints, eye rinses, various disinfectants and wounds.

If you are missing products for your first aid kit, look over We will deliver everything to the checkout and the box complete if you need it.

Do you have children, it is unthinkable to have a home without first aid products in a first aid kit or first aid bags. You get a solid quality with us at a reasonable competitive price. So, whatever the amount you can fill up here.

Our patch is tested so we know it is gluing and covering sufficiently. Compress dressings in two reasonable sizes. Acute bags in 3 different versions. Best quality AED defibrillators.

All the necessary equipment for airway management is of course also in our range, so you as a first responder can handle the breathing of an injured person professionally and efficiently.

We constantly screen the market for new first aid products that can give our customers an advantage in the field, so their countless work tasks are a little easier because of the most modern and innovative aids on the market. With our many imported item numbers we keep strict control. This means factory visits in the Far East at suppliers and manufacturers. The only way to be sure of long-term and honest cooperation.

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