Defibrillator cabinets

Defibrillator cabinets

Optisafe always sell the best quality at the best price. Therefore, we also do not compromise on how a defibrillator must be kept at the same time as it must also be as accessible as possible. It is important that we can access defibrillators at all the time. The vast majority of AED solutions are still places where they are not available 24/7/365.

That's why we say in Optisafe: Get the defibrillator out now. A wall-mounted defibrillator cabinet with heat and alarm is a simple and clear solution that suddenly adds a lot of extra to an already good product for resuscitation and life-saving first aid in cardiac arrest. Defibrillator cabinets come in many different forms and price versions. With Optisafe on the sideline, you and your colleagues are sure of the product that suits your needs.

With brands like Aivia and Castellan as well as Primedic, we cover the whole spectrum from reasonable price to the little extra thing to the buyer. It is basically about what questions you as a customer and user ask yourself. Where does it make sense to set up the defibrillator cabinet? Is there a need for heat? What about the closet's insulation ability? Do we avoid direct sunlight?

The simplest way to be absolutely sure is to take the dialogue with us because we have been on the market for defibrillators and creating since the beginning. We know more than any other supplier how you and other customers should relate to facts.

In Denmark, we are fortunate to have a climate that requires the owner of a cardiac arrester to take care of cold, sun, rain and wind. An AED defibrillator, as I said, has the best of 18-20 degrees Celsius in a dry and shaded area. There you need a defibrillator cabinet. They keep their content protected so that they can perform optimally when the emergency occurs and first aid is provided for cardiac arrest.

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