AED Defibrillator accessories and spare parts

AED Defibrillator accessories and spare parts

If you need solid advice on the purchase of defibrillator accessories and spare parts equipment, please contact Optisafe, in addition to our own branded AED brand, we can also assist you with what else you can do for your own brand with regards to storage wrapping maintenance and the like. We know a lot about the Danish market when the talk about defibrillators. Therefore, together with our customer, we can always find a reasonable solution when placing an AED in public.

Every defibrillator in the market has its own solution for electrodes and batteries, so there is not one single standard for everyone. Too bad. Therefore, your only option is to get new spare parts through the supplier of your automated defibrillator. With us, it means Primedic Heartsave products where we stand for quality, durability and performance.

Your cardiac charger battery must also be replaced on a regular basis, so your AED is ready and ready to be torn down from the wall, where it might be placed.

On this page you will find batteries, storage and exterior storage, electrodes and signs that make it as easy for any user as possible. We have been in the market of AEDs since the start, when the public accessed devices began to emerge. So, we also know how we differentiate quality from the rest.

There is no danger of even maintaining and updating its products if it takes place based on advice and knowledge from the right channels. A defibrillator designed to work and does not require special service unless it shows an error. Therefore, you and your colleagues or fellow citizens can oversee maintenance and observation of your solutions.

Contact us today and we will help you find the right spare parts for your life-saving equipment.