AED Defibrillator

AED Defibrillator

It will only help to place even more AED defibrillator in public, as swift nearby access close to the injured. This means everything to chances for survival.

We know that price and quality are related to AED defibrillators. Our approach to cooperation with our customers cannot be done if we do not believe 100% in our product. It's about saving lives and create the best chances of success and recovery of the injured's quality of life with a model from Primedic Heartsave.

At Primedic they know how important time is, so it's about delivering a shock as quickly as possible while avoiding unnecessary strain on the heart muscle. Therefore, with several years of research, the Germans have somewhat of a unique method of giving an electrical shock to a person with cardiac arrest. A method that is as gentle as possible for the heart.

Here you can find a selection of AED heart primer from Primedic that traces you into the need you should try to cover. It may be AED cardiac starters should be fully automated, so we will of course solve it. If Heartsave has to be at an even more reasonable price, there is also a model that meets this. In addition, you can choose what the battery life should be, so there is also a cardiac charger that can run with 6 years of battery or 3 years of battery. A PAD is a flagship, but can only run with 3 years of battery. If you choose AED, you can drive a life of 6 years.

For many years, Optisafe has specialized in servicing, advising and delivering quality first aid equipment. Especially with AED and defibrillator we have been active right from the beginning.

Call us and together we will find the solution that is best for you.

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