With your back against the wall you can do a lot of things. There is no doubt how dangerous smoke is. Therefore, this must be recreated in a harmless version of a smoke machine when you and colleagues are going to stage a realistic training situation that involves flames, smoke and maybe also sounds.

Do not worry, because there is a solution when it comes to smoking machines. A solution that works for you in all conceivable situations and for all possible amounts of smoke, even in different degrees of density.

We have a solution that suits your needs and your training needs. Expand the Cumulus, Nimbo, Stratus and Cirrus systems in one long infinity of combination options.

These are all variations of the idea of a smoker that is easy to operate and for everything in the world requires an absolute minimum of maintenance and cleaning. Fill the sugar-free smoke liquid on the smoker and you are ready for action.

You can get everything from a mini-smoking machine with a limited smoke effect depending on the surroundings. For the big smoke cannons, with the right liquid for smoking machines can enclose large outdoor areas in thick, thick smoke.

Training in elementary firefighting will never be boring again. The smoke takes you and adds new heights of realism to fire stimulation and extinction training.

You have the option to choose between different versions of smoke liquid, so you get the right density on the sight.

Choose between light, medium, heavy and outdoor smoke liquid.

These smokers are of course designed for training firefighters, but can of course also be used for theater and music events. They can easily lift any entertainment task as well as a training situation.

We provide the illusion of the real scenario, whether it's entertainment or training in fire and rescue.

The smoker is your indispensable slurry tool for the exercise or performance that cannot be avoided at all in its setup.