Elementary firefighting

Elementary firefighting

Elementary firefighting

Our FireWare products welcome everything in elementary firefighting. At FireWare, they have managed to pull out all parts of real life training so all the hazards have disappeared. Train all imaginable extinguishing scenarios using fire made with gas and stainless steel.

Only the imagination sets the limits on how realistic your next fire practice is. Nothing works better for fire stimulation than real fire.

Fire simulation puts the senses on overtime if it is performed properly and that is exactly what you need when training firefighting.

Whether it's the stove, the computer, the waste bin or the washing machine. We have the fire for you.

at FireWare, they believe that you get the right supplies. Therefore, all scenarios can be built to bring even more realism.

You can even train extinguishing burning people using a special cloth and a little flammable material.

Train routines repeatedly and eradicate random errors and accidents so that they do not happen in real life. Ultimately, it can cost human lives.

It's almost unbelievable what it's all about today when it comes to fire fighting and training. Stop contaminating oil cans that turn on and off - turn on and off. Drive everything with gas and water today when you train the car. BF Hybrid is the future of extinguishing training together with the versatile Vesta brand simulation.

If additional effects like smoke machines and sound effects are made, the possibilities for staging are inexhaustible.

As a professional, you are well-experienced and routine in training scenarios. However, if you let FireWare and Optisafe come up with some inspiration for your toolbox, we promise you completely new ways to view elementary firefight training.

All you must do is see the top of the possible iceberg on optisafe.dk. We extend your imagination and renew your training scenarios within fire training.

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