Training manikins

Training manikins

Our Ambuman models, 3B Scientific and Ruth Lee training dolls will not find any relevant first aid instructor outside. Optisafe is constantly working hard to offer the best training dolls, so teachers, students and students always get the best starting points for acquiring essential and basic skills in first aid, rescue and care.

AMBU has been distributing their training equipment / Ambu mannequins through Optisafe in Denmark for several decades. A recognized quality producer that our customers are happy with. The products hold and can be maintained with spare parts so that they can be used repeatedly by thousands of students. We sell, service and advise on everything within AMBU and the company for first aid training. Their Ambu mannequins are well-known to professionals and with a completely updated and renewed repertoire, most educational institutions will be happy with Ambuman W, Ambuman I, Basic, Baby or the very simple School solution.

Career and patient simulator is still a new thing in Denmark. But beyond the borders of the country, nursing care is progressing with stroke complete patient dolls. 3B Scientific is on hand when we provide simulation and training equipment to our customers. Any caretaker or nurse would like to refine care situations on a patient simulator before getting started with the real thing.

Ruth Lee Rescue Mannequin is a flagship for custom-made personal solutions. Their dolls are like durability and quality in all kinds of training environments. Together with us in Optisafe we can find the rescue doll that solves your and colleagues' training challenges efficiently and economically. It's over to work out with a bad homemade doll. Duty Range, Water Rescue and decidedly custom rescue dolls are the future of all rescue teams who take their training seriously.

Our range of products will only grow over time. We will not stop before you have the right equipment.