An important part of medical training and routine are exercises of various forms of injection. It will never be realistic enough to practice an orange injection throughout your study time. And stabbing yourself with saltwater again and again will probably be a little bit boring in the long run.

Optisafe says stop ...

Why not go all the way and work out the almost real product? With an injection simulator from us, you never have to doubt that what you're doing is right. We provide you and your fellow students with just the coach you need to master an injection. Train injections as well as other things: Epidural injection Abdominal injection IV construction Various vaccine injections

With both models of spine and human examples of bodily injection sites, realism cannot be much greater for a student. In the field of injections, the field of serious manufacturers of training equipment is small. Our business partner 3B Scientific is among the leaders in areas of learning and teaching. Here, they always seek new opportunities for training and proficiency in the social and healthcare sector. Often it is up to them to make the industry aware that there are many opportunities to build on skills and experience without having to go beyond real living props.

Together with Optisafe, you can find the products that exactly meet your needs in an educational situation. With the right learning we get closer to the goal of optimal care and minimal mistakes committed based on lack of knowledge and routine.

The direct path to success goes through us, because we are the most experienced when it comes to finding educational solutions that work in practice.

In Optisafe we understand what it means to burn through. We do. And for you to be able to do the same within your profession, you need to be able to train as effectively and realistically as possible. We will help you with that.