Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support (BLS)

If you cut all the way to the bone in the case of resuscitation, repeat training is extremely important so that your abilities are constantly improved and rectified in a sense that eliminates the odds as much as possible.

CPR rescue is best performed by people who are used to using it. And how are you accustomed to performing basal CPR and resuscitation? You do this through training and exercises.

In addition, Optisafe has for several years sharpened our knowledge of learning and teaching products within CPR rescue and basic resuscitation with the help of specially developed equipment and first aid dolls in various versions.

Together with, among other things, AMBU ensures quality when it comes to educating oneself and others in heart-lung rescue and lifesaving first aid.

We believe that only the very best quality is good enough for students who train in BLS. Whether it's ERC or DRG guidelines, we're upfront with updated products that follow the latest rules and theories.

The processes are changing continuously and therefore there must also be durable products available on the market.

We have the best products and are in no doubt when we say that counseling and teaching solutions are all the best at Optisafe.

You start the only place if you start with CPR rescue here. Then you can always build on customized first aid products and end up with advanced resuscitation at In the end, basal resuscitation is just about performing effective first aid for one or more injured persons.

Our products include AMBU first aid kits, disposable tools and defibrillator for cardiac arrest, where the person's chances of survival are better if you use an AED defibrillator.

We deliver to your need for first aid and / or knowledge about this. The most important thing is that you feel confident when you shop for your education and training.

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