Artificial wounds

Artificial wounds

There is nothing that boosts realism in a training situation when the figurant has gone all-in with artificial wounds and simulated fractures. As a first aid instructor, you know the importance of your students being involved in the role of first-aiders and injured persons. Many times, a good first aid course depends on the right practical exercises and scenarios. Therefore, everything is also going to play max all the way.

We now give teachers and instructors the same opportunity to make up as they have in the theater industry and the genres of play. Why not use artificial wounds and makeup sets for small as well as large first aid and rescue exercises.

With us, we only have the best solutions in the make-up set for theater and theater. With relatively few tools you can get a situation to appear many times more realistic with a little face color and once a theater blood. Your students will soon forget your course. And that's really the whole point behind a first aid course. It must be stuck immediately. Those are the few who use what they learn every single day. Therefore, it is also advisable for a trainer to know how he / she reacts in a sharp situation. In addition, they are realistic exercises on a first aid course.

We get our proven and quality-proof equipment from 3B Scientific in Germany. They have several years of experience with educational equipment, including for all imaginable forms of practice scenarios and plays.

See, for example, our artificial wound from Traumalab, which quickly causes a fracture, burns or cuts.

Makeup sets are very popular. Especially our casualty kits in different sizes. But just start with artificial blood and a little bit of childhood. Then you are already on the way towards much better teaching courses when you need to run your courses.

Our hinterland can also help in Optisafe if we meet an inquiry for the first time. The best way to better learning is cooperation and dialogue between all actors.