Anatomical models

Anatomical models

With our partner 3B Scientific, we have wide access with anatomical models for teaching in health care. Regardless of the skeleton, muscles or specific body parts and their functions. You will not be disappointed when you see what Optisafe has in the assortment.

Our popular products include our Stan skeleton, model hearts and model brains. But your imagination sets the limit for what is possible.

If we need to go even further into the detail, there are almost no limits to what is available on the market of anatomical models for teaching.

We have spines, organs, torsos, jaws, feet, knees and much more.

There is something liberating in that you do not necessarily need the real thing to show something in an educational situation. Anatomy has been studied and learned through anatomical imitation over centuries. Therefore, in Optisafe we do not see any reason to underline the importance of teaching.

More hands-on strengthens the relationship to the human body is crucial to the right learning process. In addition to study work and research, these aids can be quite useful.

We have almost equipment for all types of anatomy theoretical teaching. Focusing on training and learning, intensified and made more challenging the more experienced the student becomes.

If you do not find what you're looking for, at first, do not hesitate to contact us directly, as we can quickly find and deliver you according to your wishes.

Many students also have their own skeletons and torso standing in the dormitory room. If you specialize, there may be a brain or heart that is on the desk through the study time. The needs for anatomical models have always been many and different. But it is certain that the demands for high realism and realistic quality never disappear.

It welcomes 3B Scientific and Optisafe with an unrivaled selection.