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Defibrillator HeartSave Trainer

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A state-of-the-art trainer for first aid education with defibrillation.

Primedic is German quality

In addition, Heart Starts Trainer Primedic Heartsave has a children's button that takes care of children and young people who may not require such violent shocks.

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Defibrillator HeartSave Trainer

Exercises to practice first aid with cardiac arrest. Primedic's coach looks like and sounds like the real thing, so you as first aid instructor ensure effective and real-life teaching every single time. Heart Starts Trainer Primedic Heartsave can be set via the remote control to various scenarios that make the training more versatile.

In addition, it is equipped with children's button that can cater for smaller people and children who may not require excessive shock.

Do not you want to give your students the best starting point for life-saving first aid if they suddenly face a situation where it is necessary to use an AED cardiac arrest as quickly and efficiently as possible?

The coach should act as a realistic simulation of the real AED. Several studies show that the greater the authenticity of the training situation, the better the learning for the students.

With the Primedic brand, German Metrax provides emergency response with one of the most reliable and innovative product lines at all. Primedic delivers cardiac arrestors (AED) from the HeartSave series to first aid workers.


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