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Contact us and you will receive an answer. Optisafe puts you highest and therefore information and operating speed must be above all. The direct contact is so important for trading with our types of products. If we, together with you and our other customers, need to find the right product that fits a need, then we need the personal contact with the professional who stands at the end of the communication chain with an educational challenge.

Only through conversation and direct correspondence we arrive at the goal of an answer, you can be 100% satisfied with the customer.

You are of course always welcome to supply you in our web shop at Here, there is easy access to consumer goods for use in real life, or in education. Our range is continuously added new items in the form of wound dressings, plaster, simple instruments, thermometers, wound cleaners and the like. However, if you are looking for more special things for the classroom, then we would rather talk to you by phone +45 46 14 10 20 or by e-mail [email protected].

Keep in mind that no questions and inquiries are too weird for us. Accidents and disasters are never the same and therefore we are always ready to listen to your experiences and experiences from the field.

With the direct contact you get what we prioritize the highest. Personnel and personal service. Our people know all our business model that must be complied with whenever they are in contact with you and your colleagues in the field of social and health care, fire, rescue or training.

It's almost no matter who you're dealing with at the other end. We are our task adult and know about many issues and solutions for our customers. Together with our close suppliers, we quickly investigate products and exercises so that you and your colleagues get the right setup every time you call, write or otherwise contact us in Optisafe.


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