Color Fluid 6 pcs.

Color Fluid 6 pcs.

Color Fluid 6 pcs.

- Set of 6 colors Color Fluid
- For simulating chemicals.
- Highly concentrated color fluid.
- Ratio approximately 1 : 10.000
- For staging accidents involving dangerous substances.
- Including a plastic box measuring 30*20*22 cm.

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Color Fluid 6 pcs.

Stage an accident with hazardous substances

With the FireWare Color Fluids you can easily colorize water to appear chemical. A few drops in a large barrel of water is enough to give the water a saturated color. If desired, the different colors can also be mixed with each other in order to achieve the desired result.

Use the color liquid sparingly and avoid contact with skin, clothing or the environment to prevent spotting. The color liquid is packaged in a bottle of 500 ml. Ratio approximately 1 : 10.000

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Weight (kilo)5.0000
Manufacturer sku025-030-009
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