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ADR Number Set Magnetic

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Numbers to indicate which goods are being transported.
Offers an indication of the possible risks of the transportation.
Indicates whether water can be used for extinguishing.
Indicates Class of Risk and risks.
Fully magnetic.
Including a plastic box measuring 40*30*8 cm
Signs with numbers 0-9 and X, all four times.

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Use UN-nummers to show which hazardous substance is transported

The ADR Number Set Magnetic can be used to indicate which goods are being transported using UN-numbers. As a result an indication of the possible risks of the transportation is given. Emergency officers need to be familiar with these indications. It is a fun and useful addition to an exercise to supply vehicles with an ADR-code. The method of operation needs to be determined based on this. By using different risk indicators the same staging can call for a decision to use a completely different method of operation.

The set is fully magnetic exists of signs with the number 0 through to 9 and a sign with an ‘X’. The numbers allow you to indicate the Class of Risk of the transported good and the nature of the risks. The letter X allows you to indicate not to extinguish using water. The number signs come with a plastic case.

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