Make your training real

Optisafe helps educators and instructors create realistic training that helps improve learning - saving lives.
We supply products that are primarily within three categories.

First aid

It is often crucial to have a first aid manikin that is both durable and realistic. This is available at Optisafe. We are selling Danish Ambu manikins that are of the highest quality.


Using simulation for teaching and training creates better results and can ultimately save lives. We carry a range of products from, among others, 3B Scientific that creates very realistic simulation in the healthcare industry.


Establish realistic fire and smoke simulations with or without real fire. With Optisafe and FireWare, you have a combo with tap.

Optisafe recommends


Exercise that is remembered

Realistic simulation training is remembered far better than traditional training. Even after six to 14 months. Therefore, get the mistakes during training in a safe environment and learn from them.

Shorter and flatter learning curve

Simulation provides both a shorter and flatter learning curve compared with training in the traditional way. This gives surplus to other things and increased safety for the true patients.

Fewer mistakes and deaths

Realistic simulation provides safe frames for learning and easier access to monitoring and feedback. This minimizes human error due to lack of knowledge or ability. The simulator becomes more confident in his ability while improving skills.